Sunday, May 23

Sunday Baking

And oh my I'm on time this week lol!! Well to be honest I did start them last night.

Shane and I watched 'It's Complicated' this week and there is a scene where they make chocolate crossiants and whilst getting groceries yesterday Shane asked if I could make them - well of course what a silly hubby. So here is the result.

I used this recipe I've made Danish Pastry before and this is not dissimilar - I did drop the butter back to 300g though as that was all I had and it was a trifle hard to roll out in the brisk morning, so I'm on the search for a softer dough.

But as you can see they went down a treat and look and taste delicious!!!


  1. Lesley, you've inspired me! I've always avoided making something like this, but I am going to do it now! Not exactly sure when, but I know my familiy would be most appreciative.

  2. I'm yet to attempt croissants, these look delicious!