Tuesday, June 1

Bali Bag and a Milo

Well it was a friend's birthday recently and although it was a little slow making it to her, it's arrived now, so I can post piccies. It's a bali bag which came about as I was sent the incorrect fabric from a co-op, so what was I to do with strips of fabric?? Well make a Bali Bag - I'm not going to say I'm going to rush out and make a gazzilion of them lol!! But I did have fun.

And a very very late new born baby present oops!! Little Phoenix is now 4mths old, but I knit very slow lol!! Hopefully he'll still fit it. I of course never do things according to how I should (Tikki stop reading now!!) and I used thicker wool, but the same sized needles, so thanks to some help from Robyn and Ali, I managed, first time doing cables and all and the wool was such a divine colour. I *think* it came from Monster Knits, but I can't be sure.


  1. I love the colours of the milo.

  2. Oh that Milo is darling!!!

    I like the look of the Bali bag. It will be a great gift.

  3. what a lolly-cute bag Lesley - I never have the patience for bags... :)

    And the Milo... is just gorgeous...