Sunday, July 4

You say Potato and I say Potatoe

Yes our veges are going berserk - yah team!!! We have 3 beds now and some citrus, bit by bit every couple of weeks, more little bits pop into the garden, we work on one area at a time, as it was/is a complete mud puddle yet, it's slow going but hopefully by summer it will be in full swing and no more mud.

This is the first garden bed - planted out on Mother's Day, mostly seedlings, but we now have broccoli, the cauliflower is starting to peak out, it won't be long before the sugarloaf cabbage is picked. Masses of flowers on the Tiny Tom tomatoes and the heirloom variety have already started to set their fruit. The asian lettuce are being eaten from the garden by the little people and I've discovered you can use the Tatsoi like spinach so I'm going to give that a whirl. Masses of snow pea and honeysnap pea flowers abound, and already we have some teeny weeny peas growing. The only disappointment in the whole garden is the beans, but I guess I'll wait and see what they do.

The potatoe patch - Nicole and Desiree!

Heirloom stripey tomatoes, literally covered in flowers and going nuts!

Remember that weeny broccoli no bigger than a thumb two weeks ago - well looky here, time for eating and William was very very excited that he got to cut it off. It's up for the dinner table with shepherd's pie. Though I reckon lightly steamed, covered in Bernaise sauce and flaked toasted almonds would be awesome as well.

The 2nd garden bed from the front. Beans, Snow Peas, Spinach, Marigolds popped all over, two types of lettuce, zucchini and red onions.

And this is this weeks work, fill in the retaining wall - it was cut quite away from the house, then planted lime, emperor madarin and lemon and then some Begonias, pansies, rhubarb (yes I know weird) and a passionfruit vine. I should have just planted more veges cause as we discovered eventhough this is on the western side of the house, it gets sun even in winter from about 10am, so in summer, it will be in full sun, so will be awesome for veges.

So in the garden we have along with the above, Strawberries, marjoram, chervil, tarragon, thyme, sorrel, catmint, mint, catnip, lavender, parsley, basil, oregano and sage.

At the moment getting out into the garden is helping keep me on an even keel. We've had quite a few hiccups recently and more to come it seems, Pa is having an op tomorrow as well. Guess I'll be planting lots more in the weeks to come.


  1. I am green with envy! ;)

    Once the renos are done, and I can get my work schedule sorted, I really need to think about a veggie patch.

  2. Awesome!! OUr vegie patch is just starting to bloom - I thin, I left it a bit late this year!