Sunday, September 12

Weekend Baking

Well I've been a slack blogger and baker lately. With the hunt and everything else that has happened recently, time to do any baking just fell by the wayside.

But a hubby who is not up to snuff - read - exhausted!!! Hence a need to keep small children quiet in the early morning so he could sleep - led to a mammoth bakefest.

This book - Blissful Brownies which I got for my birthday - has a goodly quantity of droolworthy items. So far I've made the classic brownies (tasty but more like a cake) Some of them made their way to Hamish and Sarah at Greenbeans as they did me a massive favour. Also dropped off a banana cake with cream cheese icing. I've also made the Chocolate Peanut Butter Squares (though I did need a larger tin than stated)

But today it is Chocolate Fudge Brownies, I ditched the icing in favour of melted chocolate and omitted the nuts.

And they are quite nice, but should have used the smaller tin - next time, I would double the chocolate batter - adding more cocoa and still bake in a slice tin.

Then we moved onto Lamingtons from Donna Hay - Annual 7 - the kids ones - and which I solely blame on Sara from Willow and Moo, you know I'm teasing Sara right - lamingtons are messy !! But they taste soooo good!!! Little cherub was more than a little miffed, she DOES NOT do coconut and I was suppose to leave some un-coconuted but I forgot - so I am in the bad books :(

And then from the same issue - spotty biscuits. The dots of course placed by small children. Leftover M&M's from a visit to the movies yesterday to see Despicable me - Shane and 3 small boys and 1 small cherub. It's William's birthday soon and that was his choice!!

So that's today's baking!!

Oh and I've done a weed and pulled out of the past their useby dates veges in the gardens. The zucchini's disappointingly seems to get some sort of mould whatever on them and that in turn killed them - I'm thinking they need the sunnier garden bed. So I was ruthless and all I have left growing now is the killer tomatoes (this is just today's harvest)

onions, still ages to grow. Potatoes, no flowers yet and some carrots and marigolds. I want to plant more, but should I even try with the hunt still in full swing?


  1. Looks delicious as always Lesley!

    Thanks for reminding me...I think we'll make lamingtons during the school holidays and possibly those dot cookies although my friend Cass said that she thought the cookies were a bit bland. Then again i'm sure I can find a way to give them a little umph!

  2. I haven't tried the cookies Sara, but the kids are downing them at a rate of knots, so they can't be too bad lol!!

  3. Pretty impressive effort Lesley :) xo