Friday, October 8

A giveaway

and yet more rainbows. This is another newborn pack on it's way to it's new home!

Now for the giveaway - as a thank you for all those generous ladies and gents out there that donated to my Youngcare fundraising page - I'm giving away a nappy - it will be an awesome nappy - something fun and lively. You'll get to pick the size.

Now what do you have to do? Leave a comment here with an inspirational message to someone you care about. If you win and you've also donated to my page, extras will be included in your parcel. (please let me know in your comment if you donated)

So have it girls!! Entries close on Tuesday night - and I'll draw the winner on Wednesday.


  1. I don't want to enter the competition but I do want to post a comment.

    To my wonderful friend Lesley.
    You are an amazing selfless woman and I am proud to have you as my friend. You are capable of anything and when you feel like you are not, know I am here to take up the slack. You inspire me to be a better person.
    Much love

  2. To my wonderful mother
    You taught 'me' how to walk, you taught 'me' how to run,
    You taught me how to love, you taught 'me' how to trust,
    Now I have my own daughter, and I am now the mum,
    You have given 'me' everything I need, to teach my daughter to be the best she can possibly be.
    I love you with all my heart forever and a day.

    I'm glad my small donation helped but it was all I could afford at this time.

    Alison m

  3. For my 4yr old daughter Matilda who is autistic :

    You have shown me that Holland is even more beautiful than Italy could ever be !!

    (Refer to this poem :

  4. To my beautiful children - love hard, laugh lots and smile. Be strong so you can stand alone but remember I will always be there if you need me.

  5. Dave,
    You may not be my father by blood, but you are my dad in every way that matters, since you came into our lives you have made my mum the happiest I have ever seen her and treated us like your true daughters. I will be forever glad that you were there to support me when I gave birth to my son and have been the best Pappy a child could ever ask for. I am so glad my son will have you in his life growing up. xxx

    ( I donated )

  6. To my babies,

    Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” Elizabeth Stone

    This statement is so true and is for my babies who I love more than are the lights of my life!

  7. Happiness is a journey - not a destination.
    So, love like you have never been hurt, Work like you don't need the money,
    and dance like there's no tomorrow.

    These words were written to me on a card by a dear, dear friend of mine when I was going through a very dark time. This is not for any person from me in particular - it is some inspiration for all (and let's face it, we all need it!)

    (I donated)

  8. To my beautiful children,
    ~Children and mothers never truly part - Bound in the beating of each other's heart ~
    Charlotte Gray

    I am so blessed and we shall always walk together, heart to heart.


  9. Kylie

    For my son with Autism

    The day I first held you I had never felt true love until that moment and from that moment I made a promise to love and guide you through life. You taught me how to be a Mummy, to understand your world and how it is so different to mine - the confusions you face in a world where you may truly never belong burns me. I just want you to be happy and to let you know Mummy is always here for you and I will keep you safe my beautiful boy!

  10. To my DH
    "The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall" Nelson Mandela

    Thanks for being with me every time I fall and helping me to rise.

    (I donated)

  11. to my little man...
    I want you to know that everything I do, I do for you. you have made me who I am today, and with that, I hope to make you the best you can be! You can achieve anything you set your little heart to! ...except eat that rock you're currently trying to fit in your mouth - you can't eat that. please don't eat that!
    I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you kiddo! <3

  12. To my darling Indigo,

    As your first birthday approaches I am spending a lot of time reflecting. When I was pregnant with you I was so scared, how was I going to cope with 2 children under the age of 2? How my outlook on life changed when you were born. Your birth was the best day of my life. You entered this world, in our lounge room, caught by your father under a dim light surrounded by love. As I sat there holding you for the first time I just looked at you in amazement and the look of excitement on your brothers face when he woke up to meet his baby sister.
    Sadly, things didn't go to plan. My beautiful birth soon turned into a nightmare. 12 hours later you were in special care, on oxygen and I wasn't even able to hold you. Leaving you in the hospital was more painful than words can describe.

    Life has not been easy for you, or our family but you have given me the most rewarding gift ever. You have shown me just how strong I can be, that I can deal with even the most stressful situation and come out of it a better person. You have shown me that love and faith can conquire anything. Words can not describe how much you mean to me and I I am thankful every moment of every day that you chose me to watch over you.
    I love you baby girl xxx

  13. 1stly, how gorgeous of your friend to leave you such a lovely message!

    To my darling BFF, Rose,

    Your strength and courage to tackle life's challenges head on inspires me greatly. Your positive nature carries on to all that you encounter and I love how a bit of this rubs off on to me. You always make me want to be a better person.

    I can't thank you enough for being the ever honest friend you are and love you with all my heart.

    Forever yours

  14. To my Abigail,

    It amazes me how you have taken the arrival of your little sister Eleanor in your stride. Mummy and Daddy are very proud of you and your gorgeous rendition of a lullaby has us in tears of laughter and joy. You are going to be a magnificent big sister and it warms my heart to hear you talk of what you are going to teach her even if the first thing on that list is driving :)

    Much love to you my big girl,
    Mummy. xxx

  15. Dear Mum

    Thank You Mother

    Thank You For Being There - Thank You for Love.
    Thank You for telling of God up above.
    Thanks for the diapers, the washing, the folding,
    The changing, repinings and all of the Holding -
    The Rocking, the Singing, the Healing, the Smile -
    The endurance it took to cope all the while,
    With so many children, so many... you know -
    I think I'd have quit not continued to go
    On with the Caring, the Loving, the Giving,
    The unceasing frustrations of everyday living
    With all of your children...
    The cooking, the cleaning, the sewing and work.
    Honor is due You for You did not shirk.
    You did not cease and You did not run.
    You did not give up as I might have done.
    And so - For those Hours, those Days, all those Years
    I Thank You Dear Mother... Forgive me the Tears,
    The Heartaches, and All,
    The Anger, the Rudeness, The Big and the Small.
    May Mother's Day find Your Heart Full to the brim
    With Peace, Joy, and Love. May nothing seem grim.
    God Bless You Mother...
    May your heart know how Dear -
    You are to me
    Now and each day of the year...

  16. For my sweet baby girl,
    A year ago today you came blissfully into our world born in the caul. Thank you for being the most placid, relaxed and smiley girl.
    Happy Birthday baby girl
    Love mummy xxx