Saturday, October 2

Day 2 - Melly and Me Bag

This bag is from the Bagalicious Club It's a Melly & Me Sunrise Bag. It's cute and all but not really me. I would change a couple of things if I made it again. I would choose a slightly lighter pellon and I would make my pleats 1/4 inch instead of the 3/8 in the pattern, to me it has too small an opening, I like to be able to get into my bags easily, I also found with the pellon that the top of the bag was a bit bulky. So I would possibly interface the outer fabrics, then do the pleats and then cut the pellon to fit that afterwards, as it would make for a smoother edge imo.

Oh and a tip when topstitching the handles. Start on the right hand outside edge (facing you) and then stitch around, I tried it from the inside edge the first handle and suffice to say it was not a pretty sight lol!

Because it is yet again raining :( I took the photo inside looking out - soon there will be large lemon/mandarin/lime trees, but they are just babies at the moment, but the view and smell will be incredible as they grow.

I'm now only one bag behind. It's all cut and embroidered but I stuffed up the sewing it together and I need to unpick it - might do that tonight, it's earmarked for a friend, and she's visiting Wednesday and needs a pick me up - so I'll try and have it finished.

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