Saturday, October 9

A gift!

From an absolutely gorgeous mama! I've been eyeing off her goodies for sometime and waiting patiently - okay not so patiently to be able to buy them.

But with the pouring rain yesterday and having already gotten a parcel from the post man, I didn't check the post box until this morning when I saw a yellow envelope peeking out and lo and behold there was a gift inside.

And this was what was in it - and K thinks it's divine, twirling and swirling around in it. I can't wait to see what else this mama gets up to.

(K being incredibly cheeky and please excuse the multicoloured cheeks, we've been to a Kindy open day with facepainting)

I'll let everyone know as soon as I know where and when she's going to stock.

And then I finally finished my Oleria by Tikki I oopsed at the sleeve, but managed to make the other sleeve the same in the end and it's just perfect for the little miss.

I made the size 3 with 4 length. K is teeny around but quite tall I think. I knew the GP was wrong when he weighed her I knew that there was no way she weighed that much but he can't stuff her height lol! The cotton that I used was dyed by the awesome Mandy who knows me so well and the colours are just perfect and it was a gift also.

And really and truly you can hardly tell where she's hacked at her hair, when the weather is like this and very wet and humid - it just goes to curls - looks like I got a curly locks at long last - they aren't red but at least they are curls. And she for one doesn't look like the rest, she is the spitting image of my gorgeous niece Emily.

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  1. Oh yay!!! Beautiful knitting there Lesley - the yarn does look gorgeous knitted up :) Suits Miss K very well indded.