Monday, October 4

Haircuts - Day 3

Some good, some bad sigh!

Some of you may remember that following a professional photo session with the gorgeous Rachel Richter, William took the scissors to K's hair and gave her a massive haircut, lots of tears abounded mostly mine.

Well K trimmed herself a few weeks ago - but last night decided that something more dramatic was in order, so hiding in her room and using baby nail scissors, she actually managed quite a good cut, though it didn't look like that last night, I think the hairdresser will have to give her a good fringe. She requested this morning for elephant hair - eek! turns out elephant hair is a ponytail - so it swings like a trunk, heaven help me what will I do with this cherub! Too smart by half.

Her lovely pile of blonde locks - hidden under the pillow :(

And of course William took the sensible route and went to the barber for a 7yo hair cut. The spikes are courtesy of his big sis Sarah. I think he looks very handsome.


  1. oh yes... we've definately been 'there' (DIY haircuts) with Brooke... LOTS... lol

    I wish you patience, Lesley, and get the photos while you can before the next 'cut'!


  2. Gosh she is growing. I'd be devastated if my little pink cherub cut her hair. Luck to you honey!! xx