Monday, October 11

Just a bit of water under the bridge

The raging torrent that is our local creek.

The little foot bridge about 2 minutes walk away.

The view looking towards Samford.

Opposite the Ferny Grove Tavern on the Ferny Hills Side

You can see the mangled fence and debris from the water over the road here earlier today.

You can see where the water has travelled and how wide it was. It's bucketing again now.

The footbridge from Ferny Way to the train station.

Under my deck

Looking towards the city from Ferny Way.

The view from my deck.

Well it's been a bit damp for the last few days, but it's crossed the coast now and it started really raining at 11pm last night. According to my very rough water catching device, we've had about 7 3/4 inches since 9am yesterday. Eek!


  1. Lesley, I think it was a good call to stay home today! That is a lot of water!

  2. Wow - thanks for the photos - I di dnot venture out - how about those winds on Friday night!