Thursday, October 7

New seedlings

Well the garden was pretty bare, the Nappy Hunt takes every spare minute in September, but it was time to dig over the beds and put some new stuff in.

So in this bed we have from the front - red onions, still growing, they take 12mths and were put in in about May, they are growing nicely though.

Then we have mixed lettuce, including Cos. Then we have sugar snap and snow peas and heaven help me two varieties of Tomatoe, one a cherry sized one and the other Mortgage Lifter. They say you can get 16kg tomatoes from that one.

The other bed has the insane tomatoes that are still thriving and newly planted zucchini and corn.

Potatoes are being picked from the last bed, along with some beans and the carrots are still growing.

Our fruit trees are sparkling along and the passionfruit vine is going nuts, luckily it has a fence to run along.

The back yard otherwise is a disaster and hopefully when Shane gets back, we can start bit by bit to put it to rights and get the chooks.


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  1. We have a lot of seeds planted, the first zucchini has just germinated which is exciting - we bought heirloom seeds for the first time so I hope they all come up. Haven't heard of the mortgage lifter!