Wednesday, October 6

Yummy Homegrown Goodies - Day 5


Yes and yet more tomatoes lol!! Some beans and some weeny carrots which I pulled to thin the crop - they are growing beautifully straight, not something I really expected to be honest, given the soil.

And nicola potatoes - awesome for salads, so potatoe salad it is - with steak and chinese noodle salad yummo!! we have some teeny tiny ones, and some super dooper large ones. This was from one potatoe plant and we have about 20 planted, so should keep us in spuds for a time I think.


  1. Oh yum! And i want to come for dinner. I'd love potato salad, steak and chinese noodle salad. Sounds like my kind of meal! :)

  2. aw YAaaaaRMY! Nice carrots too btw

    Hey have you read re method of 'bandicooting' potato? It's mentioned (for a start) in the Jackie French books... I've never done it but it does make sense.

    mmm enjoy eating these veg... bet they taste awesome :)

  3. Fantastic! We've only just started ours. All we have right now is some parsley and celery. Can't wait to see what we harvest this year though.