Tuesday, November 30


At long last, we have a lawn. So many things got in the way of getting it done, not enough hours in the day, not enough funds to do the whole lot at once, just not enough oomph. This year has been a trial in more ways than one for a whole slew of reasons.

But now it's time to take care of us, to do the things that we like to do and not work like madmen all the time, take some time out to refresh and reflect and the garden is something that we love to do but it always gets put on the back burner.

We've been on dial up for a few days, with a few more to come and it's amazing how much other stuff you can get done, when it's not on.

Shane had a 4 day weekend, so we started on Friday afternoon and finished yesterday.

At least it wasn't muddy, but there were so many weeds it was insane. So poison was the only way to go - not something we choose to do lightly. But as you can see some of the weeds were stubborn, so Shane and Iain dug them up.

Then 3 cubic metre of decomposed granite, spread all over and levelled, boy was that hard work. But we smoothed it over, filled in the holes and gentled the small drop off. And I think it's pretty even.

Then 70 square metres of Sapphire Turf arrived from James at Horton's Turf - as it turns out 20 years ago when we had our first little house, we bought turf from Biloela Turf supplies, it was blue couch and James's family ran that, so here we are 20 years later buying it from the same wonderful people. His gorgeous wife is on a craft forum I'm on and well you can work the story out from there.

It's had a good water and a roll, which was darn hard work too. Shane and I have muscles we didn't know we had. And now we are just waiting for it to rain - I'm truly over the rain, but I can forbare for the next week for our turf needs some of that blessing to take properly.

So no bindies, no weeds, just lush and cool and wonderful. But of course Miss K in her usual style, went nuts and said I want the dirt back lol!! It's just like a big sandpit - ah well, she'll get used to it.

Next on the agenda - paving under the deck and then a chook house!


  1. WOW!!! Your turf looks amazing!
    I'm jealous of your lush green yard. :)

  2. Looks great! And here's the rain you wanted :)

  3. I think we'll get the same reaction when we put down synthetic turf one day, up the top under the big tree and hammock swing... we'll leave enough for a sandpit but I'm sure we'll get the same comment lol

    Enjoy ;)

    and bring on the chook yard!