Monday, December 27

What to do when you are rained in!

Well we haven't been home to Rocky since before Katherine was born. In fact the last time the whole family was up was for William's Christening and he was 3mths old and he's now 7. So we packed our bags out of wet and rainy Brisbane (except Amy who stayed home to man the fort and watch the pussycats) and landed in hot, sticky and humid Rocky which then turned to rain, rain and more rain!!! And yes it's still raining. I think I must be a rain maker.

Anyways small children are turning decidedly cranky and I'm going stir crazy. Have read two Sookie Stackhouses, Breaking Dawn again, have one sleeve left on my Sorello, so what's a girl to do.

Sew of course! My sister had eyed off this bag pattern for awhile it appears. It's Amy Butler's Bag Book - now I've not been overly fond of her patterns in the past, I guess it comes from writing patterns myself and I like to make them so that anyone from beginner up can make them.

But alot of patterns are made from a Quilter's point of view, which I'm not lol!! So there are always a few notes added that I've made on the pattern for next time (yes I always do this, goes for patterns and baking)

Anyways I enabled my sister to purchase the book, plus fabric, that's what sisters do right? It's a little tricky, as options are a bit limited here. They have a goodly choice of Quilting fabrics as Patchwork Paradise - and gorgeous staff to boot, but I think I need to investigate interfacings a bit more. So I'll be sussing those out when I get home.

Of course Gorgeous sister needed some mending done, so we just have two pairs of pants to hem and we are all caught up. Taking home with me a dress to finish for my niece and purloining my sister's bag book to make some up for me, before sending the book home, with possibly another couple of bags finished. If the weather continues wet and rainy there will be lots of knitting, embroidering, smocking, sewing and baking sigh! Just wonderful!!

And tiredness has resulted in a cranky little miss. Two meltdowns today necessitated a wee nap, she refused point blank, so bribery in the form of The Incredibles and a lovely snug mattress and within minutes she was in the land of nod (for 2 1/2 hours wee!!!!) She's been chasing after poor Carlise all day - he's not had a bar of it, but as you can see, he decided that whilst she naps, she makes an awesome cushion! Awwww!!!!

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