Sunday, January 30

For Clo

A gorgeous mama from a wonderful forum I frequent Crafty Mamas was asking about how to sort your stash. Now I will admit my stash is a bit more than an ordinary one, since I sew for living. And whilst my sewing room still isn't quite finished, floating floors and ceiling still to go in along with new cutting table. The storage situation is pretty well sorted. Stealing the idea from Ikea - Shane's Dad made all the boxes for me. And after having a clean up day yesterday, its' nice and tidy ...... for the moment lol!!

This is the whole back wall. Cotton prints, minky, velours, dyes, knits, and my own stash of wovens. Along with my AS&E and Inspiration collection and embroidery threads. And of course a box of junk !

The cotton print stash - sorted by colour.

Minkys and velours, trying to escape, slippery suckers that they are.

And this was last nights dinner, a favourite. Bacon and egg pie, though I pad it out with tators :)

And the little Miss - first day of Kindy :) She loves it and keeps asking if it's kindy day - sadly not till Friday. Both of us will be glad when the program kicks into full swing next week!

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  1. Thanks Lesley I like your system. Interesting that you roll instead of fold. Any reason? I like the look.

    Yummy dinner pic and my oh my how your "little" girl is growing!