Wednesday, January 26

Operation June

Well inspired by the gorgeous Kristy at See My Footprints and the fact that I'm finding it very hard this year to find my space/light/mojo whatever you want to call it. I'm making a plan to take me to June. Hopefully we'll get a few things finished about the place. We don't know what the Cherub's will be up to come July as Shane's work is pretty much coming to an end. So organisation and doing things that we need to do to help us become a little more self-sufficient will be good.

So I'm starting small, this is what I'd like to start with.

Finish off both small ones rooms - that means those little niggedly things, like painting skirting boards, fixing curtains and just the general cleaning and sorting that comes every year as your child grows out of clothes and toys.

Ensuring our garden is up and running properly - the rain has played havoc and getting a water tank will have to take priority as well.

Finishing my gorgeous sewing/office room - it's nearly there, just floors and ceiling.

Make time for me - that means making sure that everyday regardless of how much other work I have, that I take that walk or I do my Yoga on the wii, or I just read a book for half an hour. Me time. I'm not being selfish, I need this to recharge the batteries which have pretty much run out lately.

Making sure that my darling DH looks after himself. Making sure he gets the sleep he needs with the long shifts he's been working.  And that he too has his time!

And last but not least - playing with my small ones, listening to them read, watching them draw, helping them cook, helping them to learn in whatever way they need. Helping my big ones get through stressful Uni years, making sure that they get exercise, fresh air and good food. Making sure that they realise that fun is okay and necessary in those years of full on schooling.

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  1. gosh that sums it up so well Lesley...

    Might have to edit my list ;)

    Looking forward to seeing how your Operation June goes *thumbs up*