Friday, June 10

Well it's cold enough .............

For Christmas in July *cough* June right???

And these gorgeous prints arrived this week and so I just couldn't help myself, I made some of them up. The cold and dreary has not helped the inspiration strike, but today was sunny and bright and perfect for some cheer.

These naps are going up in the store shortly - I know that lots of people celebrate Christmas in July and what fun with these prints. If you purchase immediately with DD, I will pop in your parcel a matching tshirt at no extra cost.

And a surprise bonus!! Two of the naps are a pre-release of the CK Pocket. Same awesome fits, same wonderful attention to detail as you've come to expect from CK products. It's a front opening pocket, so no little suprises hiding in there (unless you count little people popping toys, keys or food for later in there) Plenty of room for those with larger hands or Dads, it's been Dad tested to stuff. Comes with a 12 x 12 bamboo/cotton fleece trifold, sewn down in thirds to stop that annoying shifting and moving, with fleece side in. My testers have given them the thumbs up so I hope you do too.

My pockets are due for full release come July, so if you want a peek before hand, just keep an eye out on the FB page for some early and very limited early releases.