Monday, July 18

Whoopie !!!!!!!!!!!!

For a few reasons.

I've been eyeing them off for awhile and thought hmm, just looks like a cupcake without the shape. Well I guess they are, but crispy top and bottom, not just the top like a cupcake. Recipes are similar from what I can see. Getting them nice and round, no so easy :(

But back on track - it's the littlest misses 5th birthday today and we spent all morning running about doing jobs and posting parcels and looking for a helmet that didn't come with countless accessories or cost an arm and a leg, so time ran away with me.

K's first request was a BIG CAKE like Sarah's lol! But in rainbow colours of course, purple, pink, yellow urgh and orange double urgh! Time as above was against me, so I headed towards the whoopie pie. Cake and pretty and most importantly QUICK!

So I used this recipe but from the googling I did it seems the recipes are all pretty similar. It did taste good as batter, but I'm wondering if mine were a little thick, hence the odd shapes that appeared here and there. I sandwiched mine with vanilla buttercream, rolled the edges in hundreds and thousands and a dusting of icing sugar.

They were very goooooooooooooooooooooooddd!! And yes I'll probably make them again, thinking pumpkin next time.

But of course back to the day at hand - the birthday girl. Wearing above said helmet - Disney princesses to go with the Tinkerbelle Scooter that Sarah got her - it has 3 wheels.

And then the dress sigh! Very bright, not my normal style and whilst Katherine picked the fabrics and helped me cut it out (trust me not a good idea) it went together okay, there are a few things I'd change but I'll make another one and fill you in then. Made it colours that don't do it for me that's for sure, but it's hers that is all that matters.

It's an Olive Ann pattern both that and fabrics were procured from Funky Fabrix :)


  1. go Katherine, I think you should help your mum cut and sew every day!
    Nice choice of fabric!

  2. Mollie wants a dress like K's.
    My Will wants me to make those whoopie pies.

    Happy Birthday Katherine!!!

  3. An emerging sense of her own style there, Miss K ;)

    Love the dress and mmm for the edibles! Happy Birthday Miss K!