Saturday, September 17

The Birthday Boy!

Well it was William's birthday yesterday and man was he excited beyond belief.  Every morning for the past week it was, only x number of days till my birthday.  Some very late nights, and early mornings, put down to overexcitment.

Things have been kinda crazy here, so it was a very low key affair, with just family, I have promised him a big party next year and we are planning a movie visit over the holidays with his best mates.

So of course there is the obligatory take something to school - which as my little man likes consistency was skull bikkies again lol! Made in the middle of a Gossamer Dreams stocking.  I know, I know nutso! But following some awesome instructions found via Sugarbelle, I could easily change from black to white icing without having to wash the icing bag, since for some reason all of them have disappeared from my kitchen drawer.

Must be like that ever exploding tupperware cupboard.

And then of course present opening. Shane was on early shift - aka leaves at 5.30, so present opening had to wait until after school, which took all the willpower W had to not tear the wrappings off everything, so it was a staggered birthday day.

This lego from his Aunty and Uncle and cousins in Rockhampton.

I also made him a birthday outfit, which he declared he loved and cheerfully put on but when it came to the photos mmmmm not so much, he was much to busy building lego, hence the cranky face.  Both outfits made in the 128 size from Otto issue Summer 3/2010 -  the top is Riff, without the binding on the sleeves.  William is narrower width wise from the chest measurements, but next time I'll add a bigger seam allowance as it's a little snug.  Thanks to Margo for the fabrics,  the pirate one we found online and the orange was from stash.  The pirate print is beautiful, soft and gorgeous! 

The pants are Wailers from the same issue, again size 128 but I'll add a bit more for a bit more room next time.  Navy twill with orange topstitching - I used the heavyweight thread from Gutterman and I'm in love, not as heavy as topstitching thread, but works a treat and you can use a regular needle, cause my topstitchers have gone walkabout.  I'll make a few pairs of these, easy to pull on - you could ditch the front pockets or jazz them up with knee pads or whatever.

And then for dinner pot stickers and fried rice, his choice and then vanilla cupcakes, chocolate icing, strawberries and cream, you can't go wrong can you!!

He was enthralled with the card game Amy and Iain gave him, called Fluxx.  The littlest miss though was unimpressed that she couldn't play because they wouldn't let her make up the words aka read.  Lots of tears ensused and gnashing of teeth and mummy had to promise a Katherine game in the morning.  Currently playing Frogs in the Bog - a bargain $5 Kmart job which she is adoring and much more her speed.

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