Sunday, March 18

Take one .....

Size 0 cut of divine Fairy Floss Minky and slice and dice, add and subtract.

Add some pink slush minky, carefully, oh so carefully cut and manoeuvre the fairy floss into place, watching the grain and placement.   Guide the machine around the curves and add the satin stitch.

Gather up some gorgeous fairy fabric, add a scallop in purple.

Create some double layered scalloped ruffles, stitch into place.

Add some hearts and a wee fairy.

Finish off with some hand embroidery in delicate and matching shades of pink, lavenders and purples, with just a touch of greenery.

Put a lush lavender inner layer in and voila!

A gorgeous Fairy Floss nappy - it was created to raise funds for my friend Kristie to head off to the Digital Parenting Conference to speak.  You can find her blog here

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