Thursday, June 21

Semi-custom slot

Would you like a semi-custom slot?  This slot is for 2 items with free post.  Semi-customs will be very limited when we return from our short break for our daughters wedding, we will be returning to mostly in stock items, with semi-customs listed on Fridays only.  We are gearing up for a couple of big events and our time for customs will be severely curtailed.

Just visit Mindful Parentings Winter Issue

And let us know what pages CK feature on with what? And I'll pop your name in a random draw. (we have two items in the mag)

This is a paid slot  (prices depend on items chosen) but with free post and a little something extra with *love* from us.  Our normal terms and conditions apply for this slot.

Drawn today at 12pm.   Please comment here in the blog or on the FB page post.

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