Monday, September 3

Cloth Nappy Hunt

I dont seem to be too great at this blogging game lately, oops.

Anyways it's September which means

Cloth Nappy Hunt

An online scavenger hunt to find pesky little icons - some say look like an owl.  This years icon is round, flashing and rainbow coloured, so sure to stand out.

If you haven't joined up you can do so here

Don't forget only one entry per household.  Don't share icons.  And play fair.  There are hint threads at the forum if you get stuck, and remember you have a whole month to find them, unless you are going for the speed prize lol!!

Cherub's Kiss will be adding stock very regularly throughout the hunt, so there will be no customs up for grabs whilst we make sure the store is stocked.  And don't forget to use your discount code for
10% off in stocks

But you can find us over at Gossamer Dreams on the 15th as always and I'll also be appearing at Red Riding Hood Yarns Birthday Showcase on the 6th of September.

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