Saturday, September 22

More gardening

Well the weather surely is odd at the moment, cold then hot, then storm, not that we got it nor much of the rain :(

But we are slowly, slowly adding row by row to our front garden.  My theory was, intersperse flowers with vegetables to bring the bees and theoretically more pollination, ergo more abundant croppings of peas/beans and tomatoes.

So far so good.  The tomatoes, peas have gone gangbusters and for the first time, I might actually get a decent crop of beans, for some reason they have been hit and miss.  Some of the plants were seedlings, some have been seeds, I need to have more heirloom varieties, but I forget to order online and something will catch my eye at the markets and that's what goes in.

So far we have planted
Broccoli - sprouting apparently and it rained and the seeds all ran together, but they dont seem to care
2 different tomatoes, and no I cant remember what sort
snow peas
sugar snap peas
lettuce - mixed varieties
bush beans
garlic (though it's all pulled up now)
passionfruits - which has yet to date failed to flower and it's suppose to be a grafted one :(

Flowers we have lots of different ones, including a good bug mix from Green Harvest, which does bring those bees and lots of nasturtiums , which you can eat, but we don't we let them grow, die off and just regrow.  I missed planting the sweet peas and could kick myself, but this year has/is been a bit weird and challenging anyways.

The sandpit was also pulled up today :(  to make way for a chookie house and the lumber from it, was added to the existing beds, as we found a couple of them, got wet feed in the wet season and ergo no good for the plants, as we are clay based soil here anyways with an underground creek.

After that epic tales, pics


Newly planted beetroot with potatoes behind

garlic and shallots

snow peas


lettuce and marigolds


mandarins - they are weeny teeny still

snow peas

sugar snaps

Click on the photos to make them bigger :D

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  1. lovely Lesley... looking forward to seeing more! And yes, you'll have more than enough beans/peas soon enough by the look of those! :)