Sunday, October 7

Change Station

Day 7 of Clothtober.

And we don't have a change station any longer well at least not until grandbabies appear and I hope that's a little while away.

But this was our awesome change table, made by Pa for the wee ones, it's now serving duty as a snapping station for Shane!  I'm not showing you mess it hides but the top is nice and tidy and holds two snap presses.  We prefer the gold one, it's heavier and more sturdy for a manly man like Shane lol!!

and it holds our booster templates and snap templates and a box of snaps , the other boxes and there are a few hide under neath, along with bulk snaps, a pile of magazines and my craft WIP that are at the moment very sadly neglected.

Felicity's Awesome Change Station with her gorgeous little cherub modelling.

Gotta love a puddy tat and a rascally tasmanian devil on Trudy's organised Change Station

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