Saturday, October 27

I got a pretty

For those of you that know us reasonably well, you'll know that we play a game called Dragonvale.  It
all started when I found an ipad app - free one of course and started playing and well I needed gems and so I 'made' Shane join up to give me gems.  Well months down the track and I don't have time at the moment to play but Shane is well and truly hooked, they run an online community and he's met lots of new friends.

One of the lovely ladies that he's met through Dragonvale community make the most divine bracelets and my darling procured one for me.  It's made of brass I believe and it's just too beautiful for words, it's been twisted and bent into the most amazing chain.

So thank you to my hubby and his friend for a little pick me up.


  1. I love your wonderful that you and your husband share such fun