Sunday, October 14

Made by Margo

This outfit is all from Margo, it was a wee bit big last year, but in putting away the warm clothing (what WAS I thinking, it's been freezing lol) and putting in the summer wear, the little miss found this and said I'm wearing this.  Mummy hasn't ironed it cause well it's Sunday morning and I'm running on less than all cylinders at the moment.  but it was a wee bit cool, with just straps, so the matching tshirt went underneath,  The undies are also from Margo and so is the hat.  The only thing not handmade is the singlet and hippo shoes as we call them.

I believe the outfit is a modkid set, the hat a modified Nicole M pattern.

She's a wee bit hot and sweaty cause we'd just walked down to the markets and back and whilst it was cool at 7 this morning, not so much in the 10am sunshine!


  1. Your little girl looks so cute in her outfit! Hi from Blogtoberfest!

    1. Thank you Larissa and I'm not doing very well with Blogtoberfest but ah well lol!

  2. What a cute little outfit (and cute little model!)