Friday, October 5


I missed  a day, been a wee bit busy with things.

So this is what happens when you miss a day in the garden as well.

Half an 4L icecream bucket with snow peas, sugar snaps and beans, some of the snow peas are VERY 
fat lol!  I bet they still taste very good.  No pesticides, no chemicals.

And those lettuces have tripled in size, ignore the weeds, that's this weekend's job.

And the start of some very fat tomatoes.


  1. A day of 'neglect' isn't a bad thing in the garden :)
    looks like it all turned out quite well actually!

    PS several days of no attention here and I am guessing no one else watered either so hopefully my tiny lettuce seedlings made it...

    enjoy them tasties, Lesley :)

    1. it's stinking hot here and so we have to water everyday or the tomatoes will wilt, I dont have a problem with no one watering, everyone wants to water lol!!

      We have more peas than we can poke a stick at, I really need to work out how to freeze them, but they never quite taste the same then.