Friday, November 16

Size 3 Nappies

Yes at long last I'm happy to sell my size 3's - they've been in the testing stage for a long time, not to see if they work, cause they surely do but to just see how wide a range that they fit, which is quite a nice range.

As you can see from this photo they don't look that different, but they are, they will start to fit from approximately 11kg upwards - it's been size tested up to 5yo of age and about 23kg.

The have longer wings and 6 snaps, a nice high rise and more of a bikini cut for those lovely chubby thighs.  If you are currently using the size 2 and they are just a wee bit too snug around those lovely thighs, then this may be the size for you.

Thank you so much to all my wonderful testers, who have allowed me to use their photos on my blog :)

If you are interested in ordering size 3's - we are doing them via order only - and you'll need to email us at to secure a slot.

This little owly babe is a 14kg 16mth old bubba with
Waist of 53cm
Rise 46cm
Thigh 35cm 

This cutie pirate is 2 years old
weighing in at 15kg
Rise 40cm
Thigh 38cm
Waist 58cm.

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