Saturday, December 15

Apparently it's too much to ask ........

For a photo of my pair in Christmas Outfits that look half decent, either they are pushing and shoving or making faces lol!!

Anyways Wiliam's tshirt is the Minirea pattern in a size 10.  K is wearing a Noemi by CZM and Tina shorts by CZM as well in hot pink and lime, just for a change.  Love, love, love the Tina shorts, they don't run large, so you might like to go up a size if you don't have a slender child.

This was last day of school as well.

And then teacher gifts, they also got yummy shortbread. 
These are all hand dyed and made from the Essential Wristlet pattern by Michelle Patterns.  

And then last weekend, they went to see the Christmas Concert at QPAC with nana and pop

The outside pics happen when I ask Shane to take photos sigh - see what I mean, a nice photo is it too much to ask???????

anyways K is wearing an Angie top in red and white stella and a Sassy Skirt from Children's corner.  which has befallen an accident.  We washed it after the event, hung it on the line, all good, then it rained and now it's covered in red dye blotches, not sure how to fix it, but we'll see what happens, the fairies are too cute as well, lucky I had a 2nd outfit huh?