Sunday, April 21

Birthday Outfit

So I had great plans of having this ready in plenty of time, but a nasty bug laid that idea flat, so I was rushing a wee bit to get this finished in time for the birthday that we had to attend.

The birthday girl was absolutely fascinated by the embroidery machine last time she was here, and apparently told her Dad that she was going to be sewer when she grew up after the visit - awwww how gorgeous is that.

Anyways K informed me that I must make it a fairy princess outfit - so I dutifully subjected myself to looking through embroidery designs to find a fairy princess with blonde hair, and stitched her out on felt and added it to the front of a tshirt.  I've decided trying to embroider direct on ready made tshirt is the stuff horror movies are made from so felt it is.

Teamed with a Tilbrook print skirt, fulled lined and on a yoke.  Skirt is Sassy Skirt from Children's Corner view C.


  1. I bet that is a hit and gets worn and worn and worn and probably if her parents let her, she wears it to bed as well... :)
    Lovely work

  2. Awww the fairy is sooo cute and really loving the skirt! I think you should start selling them to the masses!!