Tuesday, June 18

Pavlova Wrap Top

Okay in dire need of tops for moi.  So I pulled out the Pavlova Pattern which I should have sewn in summer I'm sure.  But anyways you can find the Cake patterns from Steph here

And you'll need the sewalong here for just one bit of the pattern

So I stash dived and came up with a stellaisk type of cotton jersey in a lovely shade of purple and I do so like purple.

Measured my bust and away I went, traced out the pattern - though I was unsure about the wrap part - I just went with the same size as my bust, but I'm wondering next time if I can go a smaller one, well cause I found the wrap part a wee bit too long for this shorty.

I should have measured as per here to check the length - I think for me it's a big long or it could be the long ties but I did have to fiddle to get it to sit just right.  Shane was critical of some parts lol!

Anyways, pattern traced, take your time and make sure ALL the markings are on your fabric, you do need them.  I like to wing it but you really can't with the neckline finished used.

So I started sewing on my merry little way and came to step 5 where my head just about exploded and I couldn't make head nor tail of what I read.  So I put it aside and thought I'll add the wrap part - MISTAKE no. 1 lol!!  Those tails, I kept stepping on them tangling them up, tripping, comedy galore.  But anyways then I remember and was reminded by a gorgeous friend as well - there was a sew-a-long - well doh!  Anyways step no. 5 was there WITH photos, which I looked at and went ahhhhhh!!

part of the problem for me was the pattern tissue said neck binding and the pattern instructions say neck facing, so I was way overthinking things.  Anyways trusty wondertape and away we went, I'm very happy how my neck turned out, it was neat and precise.  I was concerned that there was going to be a raw edge on the neckline, but it's solved further down the pattern.

The rest of it went together pretty quickly.  I'm not 100% happy with the finish of the hem on the points, it's a bit messy and not as neat as I would like.  I just used triple zig zag for the hems and such, though it would rock a cover stitch matchine I think.

All in all I think it's quite a cute pattern, I will possibly make another for summer, but I will check the measurements for body length.  And I would have liked this to come with a long sleeve since it's freezing here atm.  I did find I fiddled with it a fair bit whilst wearing cause of the gathers and I do like a deeper V for me at the neckline.

I have just ordered the next lot of cake patterns and I'm still on the hunt for the perfect fabric for the Tiramsu dress.  I'll keep you updated on my endeavours.

I did also make another Violetta top for me, but too small, not enough stretch in the fabric - so score for my mum, she scores another top lol!!  And it was in a gorgeous rose print that Margo picked up for me from East Coast.

And because I can here's Amy in a Violetta, it's red fleeced merino - aka fluffy on the inside and I used an UT blackthorn embroidery, let me tell you lining those suckers up was a bit of a challenge to this newbie machine embroiderer.  But I think you'll agree it looks fabulous on her. Oh and this photo was snapped as they were leaving for Tara, so it was quick and dirty lol!  Bet she's wearing it this week, Tara is zero degrees .

Oh and please excuse my wild hair, it needs a cut and it hates winter, so I look like I have an afro lol!!


  1. Lesley, I like that purple top on you! Very stylish!

    Amy's Violetta is totally fabulous!