Friday, July 26

Lemon Meringue Pie

Well as you can probably guess W and I are watching the Great Australia Bake Off.  I decided I would reserve judgement for a few episodes but I will say I much refer the uk version, I doubt my opinion will change, but we'll see.

So since we have lovely lucious home grown lemons, what's a girl to do but make lemon meringue pie.  So I thought I'd give the recipe from the show awhirl.

You can find it here.

My thoughts are

I dislike no measurement for the juice from the lemon, this one says use 4 - okay but 4 big ones, little, middle sized?  Anyways mine were average sized.  I think it could be more lemony. ( after baking it was super lemony, so it was good)

Pastry, I've not seen one before that adds milk.  But in any case I didn't need it, my dough is very moist, in fact  a whole egg is probably overkill :(

(sorry instagram photo)

Anyways it did taste DELICIOUS!!  No soggy bottom, no weepy meringue, but I wouldn't make the pastry again, I disliked it But the filling and meringue are good imo.  

We'll continue to make some goodies from the show and see where we end up :)

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