Thursday, August 1

AUGUST 2013 - CK OTB (Cherub's Kiss "On the Body")

August 2013 - CK OTB Challenge
Just for something fun, we thought we'd do some photo challenges featuring Cherub's Kiss items that you have in your possession. We'd love to see how creative all the CK fans are. OTB are traditionally known as "On the bum/butt." However, as Cherub's Kiss make more than just nappies we thought we'd put the challenge out to any of the CK handmade items, not just the nappies and refer to OTB as "On the body."

The challenge will run every 3 months with the first one starting in August. There will be 3 photo challenges for August. You are more than welcome to combine the challenges or do them separately.

Photos are to be posted over on the Cherub's Kiss Facebook Page.

They can be posted on the Timeline or under the the August 2013 - CK OTB post. Please make sure that any photo posts have a comment mentioning the CK OTB challenge.

At the end of the month, photos added to Facebook will be moved from the timeline and into an album.

Photos will also be added to this blog on a weekly basis. 

This is just for a bit of FUN but please make sure that if you join the challenge that you're ok with any of the photos you submit, going public. That is, they may be viewed on this blog and on Facebook. They may also appear on Pinterest at a later date.

So, without further ado....

August 2013 - CK OTB
  • The grass is always greener.
  • Where the Wild Things are.
  • Rainbow's end.

Enjoy, have fun and can't wait to see what you come up with!!!

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