Wednesday, August 28

FAQS - Auriels


What types are available?
Auriels are a side snap nappy and were originally designed to fit my chubby thighed, small waisted, tummy sleeping cherub. The boosting is adjustable to suit any bub and is particularly useful for those tummy/front wetting bubbas.

Auriels are available in All in One/Two and Pocket, in Fleece or Minky, Fitteds, Night Nappies and PUL outers. They are currently available in three sizes, 0, 1,  2,  and 3.
What are Auriels Made of?
Concealed soaker pad of 2 layers of BKT or bamboo/cotton and a snap in booster of 1 layer of microfleece, 1 layer of bamboo/cotton and an additional 2 layer bamboo/cotton fold over booster, and a short 2 layer bamboo/cotton booster, makes for 10 plus layers of absorbency, whilst allowing for faster drying time.

For natural inners, velour replaces the microfleece. For Cotton outer AI2, an additional full shaped bamboo/cotton booster is added.

Please go from measurements before weight when purchasing Cherub's Kiss™ Auriels are made with an outer of super soft water repellent fleece outer from Malden Mills, PUL or Minkee and a plush inner of flannel, knit, sherpa or velour. 

For fitteds, the internal soaker is hemp terry, BKT or bamboo attached to a full layer of double napped flannel, and it comes with a snap in Booster in configurations dependant on absorbancy required. 

The Auriel closes with Snaps, including the CK branded snap, your guarantee of quality, and the Size Snap which indicates the size of the nappy. 

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