Wednesday, September 4

FAQS - HoneyBoy!

FAQS - HoneyBoy!

What types are available?
HoneyBoy! come in a few different types. The most popular is a Malden Mills Outer HoneyBoy! HoneyBoy! comes as a standard AIO, or Quick Dry AIO Also available as night nappies, fitteds, PUL or minky PUL outers.

HoneyBoy! Licencee
This product was sewn under a special cottage industry license granted by BabyByYou!™. The custom sewing of garments for resale from The HoneyBoys!™ (also known as the HB-Home™ Fleece AIO) Diaper Pattern requires a license and written permission from the copyright owner. BabyByYou!™ thanks you for your support of our licensed sewing contractors. While we know that our licensed sewing contractors do their very best to provide you with a quality product, BabyByYou!™ does not assume responsibility or any form of liability for the quality of the item made from their design by the licensee.

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