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FAQS - Sizing.

FAQS - Sizing. 

What size do I need?
Sizing depends entirely on your bub's shape. Measurements are generally a much more accurate way of determining size than weight. And we recommend going with measurements before weight when choosing your size. If you have queries about what size to choose, please don't hesitate to contact us, so we can recommend the appropriate size.

Please note the fleece Auriels do fit longer than the Minky version, due the stretchiness of the fleece.  Please also note additional snaps can be added to size 1 and 2 to fit sooner if you have a teeny waisted bubba.  We do not change length of elastic, just add extra snaps for longer wear.

Auriel Sizing
Please note all measurements are taken UNSTRETCHED. 

Size 0 - to fit 3.5 - 9 kg, Rise 37 cm, Thigh 19 - 27 cm, Waist 34 - 48 cm.

Size 1 - to fit - 4.5 - 10.5kg - Rise42cm, Thigh 22 - 28cm, Waist 38cm - 49cm. 

Size 2 to fit 8.5 - 16.5 kg, rise 47 cm, Thigh 28 - 39 cm, Waist 44 - 57 cm.

Size 3 to fit from 11kg, rise 51cm, Thigh 29 - 37 cm, Waist 44 - 58 cm

HoneyBoy! Sizing
Again please go with measurements before weight. HoneyBoy! Nappies are very generous in their sizing. Most people will never need a large. Generally either a medium or medium/long will see your bub through to Toilet Training. 

Newborn to fit - 2.7 - 5.5kg, Rise 33cm, Waist 27 - 35cm.  

Small to fit - 3.6 - 7.2kg - Rise 37cm, Waist 30 - 38cm. 

Medium to fit 6 - 11.5kg, Rise 46cm, Waist 41 - 53 cm. 

Medium Long to fit 8 - 14kg - Rise 51cm, Waist 41 - 53cm. 

Large to fit - 9 - 16kg, Rise 51cm, Waist 48 - 63cm. 

X-Large to fit - 13.5kg plus, Rise 53cm - Waist 53-68cm. 

Raphael Sizing
These are only sold in Newborn Size in a pack of 3. They are designed to fit 2.75 to 5.5kg but are mostly hand dyed velour so may stretch to fit your bub for longer.

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