Sunday, December 15

Christmas Sewing for Mr Cherub

Well Mr Cherub works outside the home and his work gives him a Christmas Shirt, but well it's pretty plain, just red with Merry Christmas on it.

So apparently they can wear any Christmas Shirts that they like - and after I made Mr W Cherub a Ninja Santa one for his Christmas Concert, Mr Cherub wanted his own.

So far we have two.

 First one is Zombie Santa
Thanks to Margo from Zebra Fabrics - for the awesome red stella.  As you can see i had to do some creative sewing as I was short on the lovely green stella, hence the red band, but it fits pretty good now.  This is a Jalie pattern.  Thank you to the fabulous Chris from Baby Bullfrogs for the digitised wording!

And the second one though I made this one first, it was a bit big - so we had to run the sides in - but it's Ninjabread man - again words digitised by Chris.

Stay tuned for Santa Ninja.

Merry Christmas

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