Saturday, July 26


So had been eyeing off Jamie Oliver's Food tube cake book.

It was the cover pic that did me in and I succumbed, not like I don't have a gazillion other books on cupcakes, but well a pretty cake picture and I'm hooked.

So we've had visitors and I decided that the cover pic looked pretty good and well I was at Coles and frozen cherries were on special and well you know what happened then …..

Cherry Bakewell Cupcakes 

What I can note.

The recipe says that the crumble takes 20 minutes - I found it baked in much less, so keep a close eye on it, start checking at 10mins and I think if you stirred it around a bit it would be a bit more even in colour than mine.

I also forgot to fill mine with cherry goo, as per the recipe, but it was good, I would have liked more of a cherry flavour, but it's possible that our cherries aren't' the same as the UK variety, but I did like the different textures in this cupcake.

I did omit the almond extract cause I didn't have any.

And I also made the lemon poppyseed ones, they were nice as well - made as the recipe, slightly heavier cake than the one above, but they also went down a treat!!!

These brownies, kick arse - I've made them before as the Salted Caramel ones, but even sans caramel they are good, and yes I'm not a brownie girl AT ALL - They are from Brown Eyed Baker -  make sure you use the two different types of chocolate and I use a dark cocoa -home brand actually but its nice and deep and chocolately - I also drop the sugar back to 1 cup and they are plenty sweet enough.

These are good to bribe small children with ……. not that I'd know about that

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