Saturday, October 18

Possibly sacrilege

To put Han Solo with Stormtroopers, but ah what the heck, the good guys win don't they.

So I quite love this pattern - I'd say you need to be a very confident beginner, or intermediate sewer.  The instructions are very clear and concise BUT you need to read them and follow them step by step and try not to get interrupted during the important bits as that leads to tears and frustration.

Anyways with only minimal unpicking on this one and a slightly different sleeve, it's all ready for a birthday party with nearly 5 hours to spare.  Impressed, so am I given it wasn't even traced or anything this morning.

So this pattern is the Marc Shirt from Filles a Maman - it comes in a good range of sizes and I think its great you can mix a print, especially their favourite ones as they seldom come in knits, with a basic knit fabric - this one is charcoal (it's actually quite a bit darker than the photo, not quite black) from Zebra Fabrics and it is stella which I adore, sews up so divinely.  I've teamed it with the dreaded empire from Minky Bear and Me both fabulous suppliers of quality fabrics, even if I am a tad biased.

So back to the shirt, clear instructions, and it makes a lovely shirt, I've found the sizing pretty much spot on, though as this one is a gift I'll wait and see.

Changes I've made - well none - though I do note that making the placket if you have a directional print, which I do - who wants stormtroopers upside down??  Okay well maybe Han would like them upside down.   Make sure you close the end with the heads up - I also cut the collar pieces different from the grain line again to make sure the stormtroopers were the correct way up.

I've also done the hem slightly differently, as I under stitch, see the photo, it makes it sit better imo and doesn't roll them hem to the wrong side.

Now I was distracted doing the sleeve so it doesn't have the double hem, but that's okay I think it looks fine the way it is.

Han Solo Lego embroidery, I can't remember where I got it - it does appear to be slightly out with the feet, but from memory last time I made it, it did that then too.

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