Sunday, November 30

Sweet Innocence Testing

I tested this delightful number for Annastasia from My Treasured Heirlooms

I made the size 6 width with an 8 in length for my slender 8 yo.  I didn't have to adjust anything else.  I would possibly make it a titch longer when I made it again as she seems to be growing taller every single week at the moment.

The pattern was easy to put together - I made it up in under a day for both pieces.  The longest amount of time was taken with the ruffles of course, you could probably reduce some time using a ruffler foot but I did it with standard gathered ruffles.

Missy showing off, she does love to model what I make for her.

The dress comes in a few different variations.  This is shown sans peasant dress as we live in sunny Queensland.  The dress is too low with the crossover to be worn at the front, but it works well backwards for a unfrock.  The peasant dress comes with several sleeve options and also a tiered version if you want a super fully one.   The overdress comes in 3 varieties as well, lots of options and a good range of sizing.   There are also pants available but again its a bit warm here for them in summer. 

Size made - Size 6 width, 8 length
Fabric used - Tilda range
Sewing difficulty - from confident beginner who is happy to gather.
Would I make this again - yes

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