Sunday, January 18

Strawberry Shortcake

My DD has a boyfriend, his brother lives in Hawaii with two precious twin girls.  And so of course since it's their birthday soon, they need a birthday gift.  Delivered by hand by my Sarah as they are visiting and having a holiday in Hawaii before another frantic year of Uni.

The twins are chalk and cheese, one likes pretty and girly, the other a tomboy, but I've made them similar in that they use my stash of strawberry shortcake.

The short set - is the Clover Shorts which I'm sure you've heard me say before I adore, they look feminine but practical and they offer full coverage over little bottoms.

The top is a purchased one, as I ran out of time, but I added an appliqué and sweet little hand embroidered daises, to tie into the red shortcake fabric

Apologies for the unironedness (is that even a word??)  Sarah was excited to show her boyfriend and it sorted got scrunched lol!!

And then for twin no. 2 who loves girly and dresses.  I made the Tie Dye Diva Big Bow Dress.  I've not made this one before, cause I have a huge stash of patterns and I forget what I have. I was going to make a skirt and top and I had the skirt in mind, only to find it started at a 3 and I needed an 18mth size.  So I rethought it very quickly as I only had a few hours.

It makes up into a lovely dress, though I did change a few sections.

Firstly I changed the ruffle to a 2 inch strip so that I could just roll hem it - and I gathered 3 full width strips of the fabric on my overlocker - there was a wee bit of wastage, but time was of the essence.

I also changed the bodice construction - in the original pattern, you make the front and back separately and then place the bow between the two side seams and stitch it up - I really don't like that, as you have to match it evenly at both the top of the seam and the waist and I find it bulky.  So I joined both my front and back at the sides seams on the outer and the lining and stitched around the neckline/underarms and then I trimmed and turned it through,  then I unpicked some of the main fabric side seam and inserted my bow (which I gathered up, rather than leaving it flat, I think it looks better)  and then resewed the side seam.

Then I made the skirt in one piece, sewing up the side seams and adding the ruffle.  Then I joined the bodice to the skirt on the outer fabric, turned the inner fabric under and then topstitched from the outside, so all the seams were enclosed.  I also topstitched the ruffle.

I think it looks lovely and it will be a dress I make again, as it's quick, easy and very cute.  The bow can be worn either back or front and the ties at the shoulder make it adjustable for size.

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