Sunday, January 3


Okay my blog seems to have had a couple of little hissy fits :(

But maybe, just maybe I'll remember to post more often and be more accountable with my sewing, cause gee whiz I sew an awful lot, I just don't remember to record it all.  

Let's just start with this.

So a wee gifty, slightly belated for a quilty friend.

Baby Bionic Gear Bag - you can find it here - you need to have purchased the original to know what you are doing, but the Baby bag is quick and easy, and is oh so cute, you could easily make the bag wider.  I have found that a longer zip and your bag opens flatter, I think i may have used about 22 inches for this baby one.

Then a Clobird Tulip Case - this is the larger size, nice easy sew, other than trying to put the zipper parts back together, go slow, hold your tongue just right and you'll have it - I don't have any Soft and Stable left, so just used Pellon Fleece and it worked just fine, probably not quite as rigid, but I think it's okay.   It is a free pattern and you can find it here 

And finally a Sweet Pea Pod from Lazy Girl Designs.  Now whilst this is very cute, I was a little disappointed in the $$$ that I paid for it, but I guess with our Aussie Dollar being what it is, that's what happens.  Again its fairly easy to put together, but do pay attention to lining up the sides and marking accurately for the one inch trim, otherwise your little bag is a wee bit lopsided.  

Both the Tulip Case and the Sweet Pea Pod both use half of a zipper, so I currently have some half zippers floating around, now whilst this isn't really a problem when you are in the USA, its not so easy to come by zipper parts here in Australia.  At the moment I'm sucking it up and wasting half a zipper, though I've put them to the side, until I can find the findings I need to use up the other half.  Maybe if our dollar improves, I'll just bite the bullet and buy some of the findings here

I also use all fabric from stash ... I'm going to try and use it up as much as possible, my stash is pretty much out of control and I need to make it a bit smaller and use more of it. 

I've also booked into a couple of craft classes already, time to make sometime for me along the way.

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