Sunday, June 18

Menu planning

Do you know when you get into a food rut?  Ive been there the last year or so.   Even the baking has taken a back seat.  Yeh i know 😓

But in the last month or so, I have started to go through my countless magazines and cookbooks to try and expand our tastebuds and not do the same 3 meat and veg, stirfry, salads, etc.  

This week we are having

Lemon chicken - Taste June 15  - To die for delicious!  Winner!!
Indonesian Braised pork - Taste July 17 - Kids didn't love it - but Shane and I did yummy!!
Green Curry Meatballs - Taste Nov 16 - Remember not to use too much green curry paste, but otherwise delicious!!
Souvlaki Lamb with cranberry (couldn't get redcurrant) - Taste Nov 16 - Was okay.
Mozzerella stuffed meatballs - Taste July 17 - Yummy yummy yummy!!

We do either hamburgers or tacos mostly on Friday nights along with a family movie.  
Im thinking that one of the meals will make more than we can eat and somthat will do another night, or I'll wing it.

Things that make things easier for me is that I'm not going eek whats for dinner, our food budget is good and we are eating more vegetables, we already eat alot but more is better.  

Im trying to remember to take pics and will review the recipes later in the week. 

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