Sunday, July 23

Craftinator Pouch

This cute little pouch is from Little Moo Designs

It is cute and functional and you can jazz it up or down as it suits.  Whilst the pattern does come with a clear vinyl panel, it would work just as well with a patterned fabric. 

I chose to make it with quilted square - please note I am NOT a quilter, having only made 3 in my life, though I hope to remedy that down the track.   So I guesstimated what I would need to do - it didn't work out too badly except the gusset panel as I forgot to allow for joining two strips - so there are three for the gusset, but its still cute. 

The pattern instructions are clear and measurements are available both in metric and imperial - I used imperial.

Mine is without piping, as I felt I would have enough bulk with the quilted pieces etc.  I plan on making another without the foam and I'll use piping for that.

I was kindly given a new foam interfacing to try out by Kylie from Handbag Hardware and as far as I can tell it performed just the same as Soft and Stable.

For myself I did find it a tad bulky with the foam - it doesn't mention trimming away the foam, but I might possibly judiciously change where I use the foam.  Whilst it's great with the foam and does stand by itself, I'm not sure I prefer that.  I do love the vinyl window and I think I'll make a few for sewing projects.   I would love a bigger size as a full smocked dress wouldn't fit in the size as is, but it is perfect for the smocked front of a baby dress or similar. 

I did bind the seams - and whilst there is a note of how big to cut the bias and where to use it - the pattern doesn't actually tell you how to use it - so I just went with what I thought was right - I did trim 1 cm of the 2 inch wide bias as that's what worked for me. 

Overall I love it - it will make super presents - of which this was <3 -="" a="" an="" and="" as="" can="" denim="" didn="" embellish="" emblibrary="" embroidery.="" embroidery="" font="" for="" from="" great.="" have="" i="" interface="" interfacing="" it="" nbsp="" on="" panels="" t="" the="" use="" used="" ve="" with="" worked="" you="">

Fabric - denim and quilting cottons fro stash
Embroidery Design - Emblibrary
Foam provided by Handbag Hardware
Mesh purchased from Handbag Hardware
Vinyl tabs from Spotlight. 
Zipper from Stash. 
Clear Vinyl from Clark Rubber

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