Tuesday, January 16

Welcome to 2018

I'm pretty sure I lost November and December and goodly part of January somewhere but lets get 2018 started.

Here is my #18for2018

1.  Concentrate on fitness and general health
2.  Get a big project finished with the house
3.  Get the vegetable garden up and running properly
4.  Remember to blog my endeavours
5.  Remember to keep my Goodreads updated.
6.  Spend more time just doing fun stuff.
7.  Catch up with friends more often.
8.  Take a proper holiday
9.  Meal plan
10. Schedule sewing gift time
11.  Update my website
12.  Take better photos
13.  Update the photos in the house
14.  Learn to make proper gelato
15.  Finish a UFO a month
16.  Sort my stash
17.  Remember its okay to say no.
18.  Use my cookbooks

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