Sunday, October 4

Ruby Tuesday

Want an awesome dress pattern that fits every shape and size ... well this is it, the Ruby Tuesday from 1 Puddle Lane.   

I've been lucky enough to test this pattern and as always with Ann's designs, she tweaks and listens and makes an already awesome pattern even better.

With many variations from sleeveless to long sleeves, from a simple boat neck to a V with skirt variations, it variations are endless and perfect for everyone. 

I've made the short sleeved v neck version here in a heavy weight cotton/spandex blend which I ice dyed.  Size XL and I'm a D cup.

Then I made the extended sleeve v-neck for Sarah in a gorgeous Lillestoff Roses.  Size XS

Then last but not least, as Amy is waiting in the wings for one, along with my mum Blueberries with Navy.  Fabric from Zebra Fabrics and if you have a special fabric, or not much of a special fabric this might be an option.  I purchased 1.7 m of the navy and 1m of the print.  I've gotten a Ruby Tuesday and a wrap top from it, there is some of each left, but not much, enough to colour block a tee front or the like, but fairly economical in use. 

If you know me well, you know that I struggle to be comfortable for photos but I'm trying, so here they are.  

Anyways I've used the print for the top, and navy bindings, and then navy skirt, onto which I appliqu├ęd leaves randomly cut from the print, added some stem stitch for the vines and some running stitch for interest around the leaves. 

All in all Ruby Tuesday looks great in any style, there are some awesome tester photos just pop over to Ann's Facebook page, or blog and you'll see them all. 

Sunday, September 6

Camille Camera Bag

Well looky here its finished, with 10 days to spare until boy cherub's birthday!!!  

As children get older, it's harder and harder to decide on gifts for birthdays, christmas, well you name it.   So boy cherub has been asking for a wee while for a camera, we thought he was a bit too young, but this year he turns 12 - I know where did that go, and high school next year, so we thought now might be a good time.

So we found a good deal on a Nikon and well of course a boy needs a bag to keep his camera in.

I have been slowly collecting some Swoon patterns and to my shame lol I haven't made any up to date …. but don't we all do this???   Anyways of course i didn't have the Camille Camera Bag, so I had to add it to my purchase list and bought it.

In hindsight, I maybe should have made a couple of other Swoon bags before, cause once I printed it out and went OMG what am I doing.  

I had the fabric, I've had it for ages procured from Self Confessed Fabric Addicts .  Super fast post, awesome service and Patricia a is a delight to deal with. 

Then I knew I had seen a hardware kit at Handbag Hardware - again awesome service, fast postage and Kylie very kindly put together an interfacing kit - I gulped a little at the price of the Soft and Stable - BUT OH MY - worth every single cent, which is what Kylie told me :)  So I got the hardware and interfacing from Kylie.  I could have sourced them piece meal, and I did have the fleece here, but I wanted the right stuff for the job - and it made it so much easier.

I also joined the Swoon Pattern Group on Facebook, mind you I've been there for ages and just drooled.  The ladies are very helpful and a search in the group finds you the answers you need. 

Now onto the review.

It's a gorgeous bag - it's not for the faint hearted, and I was thinking I've bitten off way more than I can chew here, but it's done and no broken needles, quite a few pin stabs - I've never seen the appeal of the wonder clips, but I'm rethinking this stance now lol!  My machine was a wee bit unhappy sewing the strap - but my fault as I decided to use some fine wale corduroy for strength and well it was a bit too much for even my semi-industrial machine, I should have cranked up the Bernina 319 but as it's covered in paperwork that seemed just too hard. 

Slow and steady is the way to go - it's taken me some time over 3 days.  It probably took me 2 hours just to cut, interface and plan and it was worth every minute.  Go slowly here, mark everything.  I ticked and checked everything twice and still ended up doing two bits wrong.

Then the flap which was never wracking thinking I was going to run over the tongue depressors and break a needle and it was hard to man handle with all the stabilisation, but it gives a very neat, firm flap on the case.   But I sewed up to the flap back section in a few hours this part took the longest and I worked probably an hour yesterday and another hour and a half today and the bags finished, you could probably do it all in one day but its very intense concentration wise. 

I did when I first looked at the pattern panic and think where are the photos, but really trust me, the pattern is very concise and self-explanatory - should you want/need photos and a extra pair of eyes - I was second guessing myself at the flap part - there is a sew along HERE .  Its really helpful and just gives you the confidence to go on.

What would I change - nothing really, I would have liked some photos, but you can find them on the net.  I'd also like some stitching lines mainly for the flap but this again is just me, the pattern works find without it.   I think its a good size, should hold a camera, some memory cards and spare lens and stuff.

Anyways I think it turned out great, the inside isn't perfectly, perfect, but I've learnt along the way - the outside however looks awesome, with nary a pucker.  I've added lots of notes on my pattern.  All in all a gorgeous bag and I've very happy with it - Shane says it's awesome and I'm pretty sure William will be beside himself when he gets it - but I have to wait 10 days!!!!!  He is counting down the days …. could be that Comic Con is also on that week and he's desperate to go ….. as the Joker!

Saturday, February 28

Hello Kitty

Well what can you say when a gorgeous 8 yo says 'Mummy can you make me some pjs?'

You say of course sweetie, now I've not bothered before this to make pjs much - but it was cold one night and her brother had flannel pjs that fitted him from last year, Miss K however seems to grow inches every year and hers were too small.

Did I have a pattern for flannel pjs - umm that would be a no.  Did I have enough flannel for them … again a no :(   I did however happen to have a car at my disposal, so I made the run to Spotlight, because well its the only place near me that might have the requisite requirements.

Hmmmm, well it appeared that Kwik Sew were on special 2 for $10 - so excellent there, also scored a knit top pattern for moi.   The pjs pattern is Kwik Sew K3604 - size from xs (4-5) to XL (12-14) so I should get a few more years from it yet … whats the bet she doesn't want pjs next year lol!!

Fabric - Hello Kitty it was - the other flannel available at Spotlight was less than inspiring and not nearly as good a quality - luckily Hello Kitty was on sale.

So for a grand total of $31 for fabric and $4.50 for the pattern (you get an extra discount if you are a VIP)  we have a swish pair of pjs.

Now how did the Kwik Sew pattern go together - like a dream as always, I've never ever had a problem with a Kwik Sew pattern, they fit true to size, excellent instructions - I do not however think much of the downgrade of the paper for the pattern sheets :(  But I traced out the size 7/8 for the miss.  This required 2.65m of fabric.

Yes I know it would have been cheaper to buy a pair but

a) they wouldn't be as cute - and Hello Kitty bought pjs would probably have cost more
b) they wouldn't be pattern matched
c) and K asked me to make some.

Back to the pattern - it only has a 1/4 inch seam allowance which was a bit of a pita as my overlocker seams a smudge wider.  So I sewed on the machine and then on the overlocker with a 3 thread stitch.  Everything went together well, though as I didn't have K home and guessed, I probably should have gone with a longer rise on the pants, as they sit more on her hips than waist, everywhere else is a pretty good fit.  She is tall but very slender.

I managed to fussy cut the pocket pretty well - Hello Kitty checks were off grain.  Managed to match the centre front and again match Kitty and by happy accident seems that Kitty matched on the back leg.

Pattern took about 2 hours from tracing to finishing, and that was with the pattern matching and being interrupted by Cherub's.  So a relatively quick sew.

All in all a great pattern and a great price.  I was chasing a Butterick dress pattern but at OUCH $21 I put it back.  I'll wait till I see them on sale.