Thursday, January 18

A productive day

So I've got 3 nappies to finish from the New Customer Stocking. I cut a heap of cute little raphaels out, and I've got the elastic sewn in and pinned together. Just finished sewing up 4 more fitteds, pics will go up tonight or tomorrow morning, depending on whether my PA (read Shane) can get the pics up. Then there are a couple of AIO customs to finish, and I'm nearly caught up, for the most part.

I will be working madly trying to get some instocks ready for the Great Down Under Nappy Hunt, I'm planning (depending on little munchkins) to list stock everyday during the hunt, may only be a couple of items, or it maybe a lot - it all comes down to happy little munchkins and Shane on nights.

And we'll have some brand spanking new nappies on the website come 1st February. And of course some more gorgeous appliqued cuts and swim nappies are being appliqued as we speak, thanks to the lovely Cheryl in Canada. A couple of other surprises as well - but I can't spill the beans on everything, where would the fun be in that.

Ooh and I nearly forgot the most important bit - My husband is just the best one ever. He guides and supports me in everything I do and he's more than willing to stand up for me, whenever I ask - I love him to bits :)

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