Monday, January 22

Hot and Sticky

Well the weather in Brisbane is hot and sticky, with the mecury hitting 38 today and humidity of about 75%.

However I've finished a bunch of nappies, and am sending out the very last of the newbies sale ones. All the custom HB appliques have gone and HB Basics are wrapped and ready to go :)

At last some of the overdue Christmas mail is arriving, and the postie had to make 3 trips back to his van this morning, when 5 - count them 5 parcels arrived. 2 of them were bigger than William, and he had great fun unwrapping them with me. A stack of scrummy Malden Mills Windpro in Purple, Black- (yes black, for that very patient friend of mine), Yellow, Orange, Lavender, Royal, Red, Camel, off white, Salmon, just to name a few. Along with lush velour in white for dyeing, and lime, lavender, caramel, silver, stripy and flowery as well. Leopard spots and primary foot prints and pastel hand prints.

Working tomorrow on a little dress, for a pretty little munchkin and that will get posted tomorrow, along with a few more nappies.

Prizes for the GDUNH are well underway and pics will go up on the blog later in the week.

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