Thursday, March 29

A productive night

Well Baby K is heaps better, and slept wonderfully last night, so I'm feeling a bit like my old self.

Her gown is just about finished, just buttons, neck, sleeve and a titch of embroidery to finish off, pictures to come later of my heirloom sewing day. An outfit a little possum is nearly finished as well :)

Nappy sewing for the most part of today as well, nearly finished whew!

I'm doing some stocking on OZeBaby randomly for the most part, but I will post on the forum, if I'm listing a few at a time. I have a few here to finish before I put them all up, and Shane still needs to take pics for those previewing already. A couple of appliques in the mix as well.

My sister is down for the Christening and then staying for a week, so I'll be offline for the most part from Sunday to Saturday next week. I will answer emails, but there maybe a delay getting to them. We need to start scouring the stores for a formal dress for my 16yo yikes!

Be back later with lots of pics I hope :)

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