Friday, March 30

Friday Afternoon

Well things haven't gone totally to plan, but we are getting there. More sewing was done today and a few nappies have gone in the post.

Here are a couple of nappies that went via carrier pigeon

Black windpro - dragonfly imported flannel - nice and bright, this is the inside.

Then a picture of the outer. 1) Mauve highloft windpro, lavender velour inner, and cotton print flower face Deco-Tabs. 2) Lush black windpro, dragonfly flannel inner.

And a Christening romper for a baby possum :) Grandma possum did the smocking, and yours truly did the sewing up. Baby possum and Baby K are being Christened on the same day.

Have posted stocking times on the OZeBaby forum.

I have pictures of those instocks and appliques still to go up. Shane didn't get to them today, so he'll do them tomorrow morning. There are a couple of OOAK goodies, which I will preview late tomorrow afternoon. Might be a couple more random custom stockings in between now and then, but that all depends on the munchkins. Delivery times will be stated on the listing :)

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  1. Lesley, I so love you smocking! I have no idea how you can do so much and have such a beautifully large family too :)