Friday, April 13

Friday the 13th

Well the last subscriber stragglers will go in the mail today. Whew all finished, and again I thank you all for your patience. I will not be running the sales quite the same in the future, as getting to sew that many orders at once is a tad stressful. So in future, some of the sale nappies will be instock and some will be made up. I will for the most part make mediums as the instocks as they are the most popular size, and the other sizes will be made up as ordered.

I have a few more customs that are due to be finished up over the weekend, so will be working hard to get those finished.

A few more fleecies have arrived and they'll go up for sale in the next few days. They are only mediums, with one m/l or large in there. More are on their way shortly, including black appliqued fleeces, with some yummy designs.

I'm working on getting some Pull ups up for those that have waited patiently. Just tweaking the elastic sizing at this stage.

Now I'm sad to say that I have had to close my bulk wait list, as it was getting a tad scarey. I will of course post here when I open it again, but I don't expect that will happen for a few months.

Okay now here's a pic of a newborn bamboo velour dip dyed in orange and hot pink, with an apricot sherpa inner, this is a gift for a yet to arrive bub, I hope the recipient gets a nice surprise when it arrives .

More pics over the weekend of Katherine's gown and of the fleecies that have arrived. And any goodies that I get finished.

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  1. Oh that bamboo velour is lush - especially for a newborn. I'm sure the recipient will LOVE it.